What is "A Course in Miracles"?

"A Course in Miracles" is one of the most important documents of the twentieth century. As a self-study of spiritual psychotherapy, the Course presents wisdom that opens our minds to our deepest yearning. It is considered by many to be the most inspired work since the Bible.

The Course consists of a 669 page textbook, a workbook of 365 lessons for daily study and contemplation and a Manual for Teachers. "A Course in Miracles" contains truths which will change the way one thinks and the way one lives. Through the study of the Course and by applying its principles one will experience a joy and inner peace never known before.

"A Course in Miracles" began in 1965 with Dr Helen Schucman and Dr. William Thetford, professors of medical psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. The beginning story of
"A Course in Miracles" is well documented and does not need to be offered here.

Suffice to say that here is an exciting and provocative work which answers many questions prophets, philosophers and spiritual and religious leaders and writers have pondered throughout history. Such issues include the meaning of life on earth, the purpose of this world, good and evil, our relationship with God and why we experience pain and suffering. The Course tells us that God wants our atonement, which according to the language of the Course means correcting our misperceptions and mistakes. It also asks us to forgive ourselves as we forgive others.

"A Course in Miracles" is not a religion. Although it is set in a Christian context it deals with universal spiritual themes. The curriculum the Course proposes is carefully conceived and is explained, step by step at both the theoretical and practical levels. It emphasizes application rather than theory, and experience rather than theology. It specifically states that “a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary” (Manual, P.77).
"A Course in Miracles" states it is one of many spiritual paths and does not claim to be the only path.

The purpose is to teach us that we can undo our misperceptions and relinquish guilt through forgiveness. Never before have we had such a clear and profound work. "A Course in Miracles" is a modern day phenomenon that students all over the world are embracing as their path to God.

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