What is A Place for Miracles?

A Place for Miracles is a Teaching and Learning Center for “A Course In Miracles,” incorporated in March 1995 under the laws of the State of Nevada. As a Teaching and Learning Center our purpose is to support one another in awakening to our one true Identity as God created It by exemplifying the teaching of Jesus as revealed in “A Course in Miracles.” We dedicate our study and Sunday Celebrations entirely to understanding the principles taught in the Course.

Our Programs and Services:

Our Center is a 100% volunteer effort and we are truly blessed in having people dedicated to the service of A Place for Miracles.

We provide various study groups to facilitate these teachings. As a Teaching and Learning Center based on extending the Love of God as guided by the Holy Spirit, when called to do so, we reach out into our community to be of service. Over the years we have, and we continue, to facilitate programs, help families with children in need during the holidays and give help to those in need. A Place for Miracles is a place to gain a greater understanding how peace can become a true reality in our life experiences.
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